Yinon & Naama Bar Shira

<p> Yinon Bar Shira is a Musician, playwright and actor. Along with his wife, Naama Bar Shira – a playwright and director – he founded the "Pnima" Theater, a budding theater that centers around the human being. <p> Its aim is to explore meaningful, complex issues in a communicative way and invoke dialogue. The shows deal with social and personal contents with the theatrical medium allowing the fusion of reality and fiction and of the outside world and the characters' inner world. <p> The couple founded the theater three years ago. Their directorial approach considers the actor as a fellow creator in the process. Their writing approach treats the audience with respect and communicates with them candidly. "We don't bring a didactic statement to the stage, but rather aspire to thought provoking question-raising shows." <p>
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