Yoav Bartel | Yabalek

A trilogy about fear. Best Show 2015 Acco Fringe Festival.

A rattling journey that starts out with physical theater, continues with a dance accompanied by a chorus and ends with an intimate encounter with Gabriel – a constellation method therapist. Yabalek won the Best Show, Best Set Design and Best Costume Design Awards at the 2015 Acco Fringe Festival.

From the Judges’ statements:

“For the incredible insight that connects us to the very root of fear, telling us ‘you’ve been here for many generations and have a lot more work to do, my friend…’, for the unique stage language that shifts from one technique to another, for the group’s endless dedication in delivering an unforgettable performance and for the aspiration for completeness we all hope to achieve some day.”

Performers: Gary Babadjanov, Iris Bolokan, Ran Ben Dror, Yoav Bartel, Lia Hazin, Ruth Tuby, Naam Yaacobovich, Adi Paz.

Created by Abigail Rubin and Yoav Bartel.

Set and Costume Design: Maor Tzabar.

Lighting Design: Uri Rubinstein.

Music: Ophir Iletzky.

Video Art: Vera Coreman and Bettina Feinstein.

Assistant Director: Vye Schlimovich.

Operator: Eden Asher.

Production: Anat Dotan-Azen and Lital Nimrod – Holon Acting Studio in collaboration with “Homemade” Ensemble.