Efrat Steinlauf | The Painted Bird

Based on Jerzy Kosiński's novel "The Painted Bird".

Shortly before the end of WWII a Polish boy with the appearance of a gypsy finds himself tied and beaten in the orphanage's shed. The other children threaten to kill him, convinced he would cast a spell on them because of the bad spirits that he inhabits. Struggling for his life, he reveals the terrors he's experienced during the war in Poland's dark, primitive villages – where superstition rules. Conjuring up those memoriesbrings to the surface supressed traumas, a world of superstition and xenophobia and bit by bit the events take on a shocking new meaning.

The show took part in "Center Stage" Festival, produced by Israel Festival in Jerusalem, June 2015.

Based on Jerzy Kosiński's novel "The Painted Bird".
Adapted and performed by: Ophir Duan
Direction and dramaturgy: EfratSteinlauf
Original music: Effie Shoshani
Lighting design: NadavBarnea
Set design consultant: Daniella Mor
Set manufacturing: Yossi Duan
Movement choreographed withOmer Shemer
Producer and assistant director: Ido Kolton
Duration: 60 minutes