Alma Weich-Choshen | The Messenger

a 1948 historical assassination

The show deals with a 1948 historical assassination – the murder of UN delegate Count Bernadotte. Bernadotte's murder was known in advance, The killers are known, But no one was punished for it. In the show, count Bernadotte arrives into the hallucinations of a contemporary historian, And demands he started an investigation, examining what he really knows about the assassination or at all. A show about the stories we tell the world and the stories we choose to tell ourlselves…

From the reviews:
"A Strong show, a wonderful play by Alma Weich. It touches everything. Go see it." (YigalSarna's Facebook page)
"A rattling show." (Saloona website)

Written and directed by: Alma Weich-Choshen
Performed by: Eyal Shechter, Eran Bohem, Sharon Burstein and Doron Tzafrir
Artistic consultant: Nava Zuckerman
Lighting Design: Nadav Barnea
Dramaturgy: Noga Efrat
Music: Uri Efrat