Orly Noa Rabinyan | The Man with the Flower in his Mouth

by Luigi Pirandello

How to begin telling our life story? And what happens when the end of the story arrives in the middle? An actor wishes to find an end to his life story. The actress who shares the stage with him embodies the supporting roles in His-Story. Slowly, the actress discovers more and more female characters, silent and silenced, who are mentioned on the margins of the page. The actress wants to play Her-Story, and the two embark on a passionate battle for the narrating position. All the while, a flower continues to flourish in the man's mouth, and the mute women's vocal cords scream out of the piano strings ... Is there a connection between the actors and the characters' story? When does the playing end and reality begins? Or is this story actually about us? An intimate, visual and poetic cabaret that adapts to the stage a short story by Nobel Prize winner Luigi Pirandello. The Italian playwright sketches an image of the "before" and "after" and tries to map out an architecture for transformation. The dialogue originally written for two men is adapted by director Orly Noa Rabinian as an ensemble piece for an actress, actor, disassembled piano and red ink.

לפספס את הרכבתלענות לטלפוןלצאת מבדיקה שגרתית אצל רופאאיך רגע אחד משנה חיים שלמים? קברט אינטימי, ויזואלי ופיוטי המעבד אל הבמה סיפור קצר מאת זוכה הנובל לואיג׳י פירנדלו.

Concept, Hebrew version, adaptation, directing, space design and book design: Orly Noa Rabinyan.

Cast (in alphabetical order): Shira Curiel, Yoav Yefet

Live on the Piano: Omri Dagan

Costume Design: Liron Peniel

Video Design: Nimrod Zin

Lighting Design: Dolev Tzigel

The show was produced by #posthome_theatre with the support of the Italian Cultural Institutes in Tel Aviv and Haifa. The production took part in Pirandello150 - an international festival marking the 150th anniversary of the playwright's birth.

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