Haim Abud- Scapino | The Love of Don Perlimplín and Belisa in the Garden

One of the 20th century's greatest classics, written by Spanish playwright Federico Garcia Lorca, brings the story of Don Perlimplín – a gentle, aging educated bachelor who secludes with his books away from the world. Under the pressure of his maid and social customs, Don Perlimplín is pushed to marry a bride who is his complete opposite – young, temperamental and lustful. In Scapino's interpretation of this classic, the comedy becomes a tragedy under the manipulative direction of the show's two mask-wearing elves, juggling two different perceptions: one that is physical, materialistic that deals with lust and satisfying desire and the other is idealistic, moral, eternal. All this is to the pleasure of the audience and, of course, to meet the required ratings. So who will the next gladiators be?

Written by: Federico Garcia Lorca

Translated by: Rina Litvin

Directed by: Haim Abud

Created and performed by: Orit Peres, Barak Gonen, Ella Gofer-Abud, Haim Abud

Adaptation and Dramaturgy: Barak Gonen and Shachar Golan

Costume design: Merav Netanel Danon

Set design: Roi Vaturi

Lighting design: Adi Shimroni

Mask design: Ella Gofer-Abud

Music: Dan Hupert

Performed by: Barak Gonen, Ella Gofer-Abud, Dror Tapelitzky, Orit Peres


Produced by and Premiered at Hasimta Theater, 2015.

Duration: 55 minutes.