Efrat Steinlauf | The House is what Separates

Premiered at Acco Fringe Festival 2014

A thin woman seeks work for her silent son. When the grocer refuses to help, she instructs her son to break into the grocery store and attach to it like an umbilical cord. The grocer struggles to evacuate the intruder, otherwise his customers will disappear and he will collapse. Whose responsibility is it to help the boy? His mother's? The grocer? "An incredibly beautiful production" (Ophir Hillel, NRG)

The show was produced with EVE and with the support of the Culture Institute. Premiered at Acco Fringe Festival 2014 and is currently running at the Jaffa Theater.

Written by: Noa Korem
Directed by: EfratSteinlauf
Set and costume design: Daniella Mor
Original music: Effie Shoshani
Movement: NoaBoker
Lighting design: ZivVoloshin, NadavBarnea
Producer and assistant director: Ido Kolton
Performed by: BahatKalatchi, Omer Shemer, Shlomo (Momo) Trelovsky, Yossi Segal, Adi Noy, DoronTzafrir/ShacharMor, NofarBoker
Still photography: ItayAppleberg

Duration: 60 minutes