Ariel Wolf | Teorema

A stage adaptation of Pier Paolo Pasolini's film "Teorema".

One day, a stranger appears at the doorstep of a wealthy bourgeois family, thus ending the life they had known until that day. One by one, each of the family members, including the maid, fall under the stranger's spell and fall desperately in love with him. That is until he informs them one day that he's leaving, never to return. As soon as the stranger disappears, each of the family members starts their own drastic process of change. Their familiar symbols of reality, the empty shells they held onto until that moment will dissolve, leaving them with nothing but the will for a rattling individual fulfillment, a unique fulfillment they've never experienced, a fulfillment the pursuit of which leads them on a path that doesn't exclude the possibility of complete and utter devastation.

Adapted and Directed by Ariel Wolf
Set Designer – Rosello Shmaria
Costume Design: Veronica Schor
Lighting Design: Chani Vardi
Music: Shlomi Bertonov
Performers: Yaron Motola, Sharon Stark, Naama Price, Shlomi Bertonov, Yishay Ben-Moshe, Yael Toker.
Piano: Arnon Ziv
Violin: Anat Reisman