Yoav Bartel | Shall We Dance

Solo preformance

Eitan Harari, a folk dancing instructor who aspires for recognition, takes advantage of a dancing event he was asked to replace in, to create an innovative folk dance with the audience and by doing so, improve his stature in the Israeli dance world. Throughout the dancing event Eitan reveals his sources of inspiration – his experiences as a youth. As the dancing continues, Eitan starts smelling the scent of success but just then his memories threaten to seize him and shadow the dance festivities.

Winner of Best Performer, Best Playwright and Best Show at the 2010 Israeli Fringe Awards.

From the judges’ statements:

“A show for performer and audience, brilliantly executed while blurring the lines between stage, audience, performer, life and theater.”

Written, directed and performed by Yoav Bartel.
Directed and chorographed by: Abigail Rubin.
Lighting Design: Nadav Barnea.
Musical advisor: Yechezkel Raz.