Orly Noa Rabinyan | PARRHESIA

written and directed by Orly Noa Rabinyan

PARRHESIA is a theatre show that explores the connection between the wedding ceremony and the funeral ceremony. This show is the third and last part of the director’s trilogy called #posthome_theatre which explores rituals.   PARRHESIA is a mashup event that brings together two rites of passage in the life of one woman, portrayed by two actresses. In one world - her wedding ceremony, and in a parallel world - the funeral service for her father.   In PARRHESIA, the audience is asked to move between participating in the joy and participating in the sorrow. The shake between the two extremes seeks to create an additional space, separate and independent, in which the split is possible in which one woman is present.

״פרהסיה״ היא ארוע מאש-אפ המפגיש בין שני טקסי מעבר, במרכזם עומדת אשה אחת המגולמת על ידי שתי שחקניות. בעולמה האחד - טקס כלולות, ובעולם המקביל - טקס לוויה.

Concept, writing, directing, space design and musical editing: Orly  Noa Rabinyan

Costumes & Set Design : Ruth Philosopher

Video Design & Live VJing: Ido Ramon

Lighting Design: Dolev Ziegel

Voice Coaching: Noam Achdut

Cast (in alphabetical order): Michal Cohen-Levran, Shira Curiel, Chen Danon-Zax, Michael Lerner, Anton Makalenko, Tovit Samai

"Parrhesia" was produced by #posthome_theatre with the support of Israeli Ministry of Culture, Lottery Culture & Arts Council and Asylum Arts.

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