Ira Avneri | I Wish You Were a Woman

A piece for five actresses after Federico García Lorca's "Blood Wedding" and "Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias". Following Simone de Beauvoir's famous claim that womanhood or femininity is not a biological feature but rather a social construct ("one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman"), the deconstruction of Lorca's texts aims to examine the process of 'becoming-woman' in a masculine society governed by loss, grief and bereavement.

Adapted and directed by Ira Avneri

Translation into Hebrew: Tal Nitzan

Stage and costume design: Dina Konson

Light design: Yoav Barel

Movement consulting: Adva Yermiyahu

Music composition and vocal instruction: Meirav Ben-David

Literary consulting: Bilha Blum

Assistant director and stage manager: Tal Grutz

Performed by: Anat Federschneider, Efrat Arnon, Michal Weinberg, Naomi Fromovich, Shiri Golan.