Ariel Wolf | Heliogabalus

A stage adaptation of Artaud's book "Heliogabalus: Or, the Crowned Anarchist"

Heliogabalus – A stage creation inspired by Antonin Artaud's book "Heliogabalus: Or, the Crowned Anarchist" that follows the reign of Syrian boy Heliogabalus during the epoch of the Roman Empire. Together with his mother's aggressive rule, androgynous 14-year-old Heliogabalus, who sees himself as both man and woman, leads the Roman Empire into a period of decadent chaos, of debauchery and obscenity. He forms a new regime wherein the order is an anarchy of power and control games, a regime in which opposing forces act against each other while at the same time seek and wish for reconciliation – the Eastern and Classical cultures, order and anarchy, man and woman. The stage adaptation is made for three characters, each portrayed by two actors – a man and a woman.

Adapted and Directed by Ariel Wolf
Set Designer – Rosello Shmaria
Costume Design: Veronica Schor
Lighting Design: Roni Cohen
Music: Shlomi Bertonov
Performers: Yishay Ben-Moshe, Shlomi Bertonov, Adi Gilat, Yaron Motola, Naama Price, Sharon Stark, Karin Shifrin.