Efrat Steinlauf | Have You Seen My Dog?

A show for the whole family.

This is the story of Ben, who gets the dog "Shelly" for his sixth birthday. Ben becomes attached to the dog and they become best friends until one day Shelly gets lost. Ben looks for Shelly everywhere, and in his dream arrives at the strange and beautiful "Lost" land. Ben's quest to find Shelly is a fascinating, moving journey of growth and endurance. "Storytelling theater that deals with loss and parting as well as with the strength of spirit that help overcome them. EfratSteinlauf created the show and together with 4 magnificent actors, she sheds a new light on them. This show is unique in the scape of children's theater, a stage event that breaks all the rules." (NuritAssiag, Haaretz Gallery)

The show was produced with EVE and with the support of the Culture Institute.
The show took part in the 2015 'International Exposure' for children's theater.
The show is approved by Culture for Israel.

Created and directed by: Noa Korem
Performers and co-creators: Oren Dessau/Lior Berger, Omer Yitzhaki, Nirit Rechavi, Omer Shemer
Set and costume design: Ayelet Yariv
Music: Effie Shoshani