Yael Slor | God’s Girlsfriends

In “God’s Girlfriends”, three actors bring to life three female biblical characters: Sarah the Matriarch, Naomi, and the Concubine of Gibeah, and place them center stage, allowing them to expose their own truth in the context of the familiar biblical stories. In the modern State of Israel where women are sometimes segregated to the back seats of the bus, women are making their voices heard and are reexamining the myths that shaped Jewish-Israeli society. They retell the old stories in the hope that an elemental change will enable a new beginning where woman is no longer the “other”, but is seen as fundamentally as human as a man.

Elana Sztokman's last review on the show at LILITH magazine

"Phenomenal play... brilliant and minimalistic choreography and direction, enlightening and relatable production... highly recommend!"

Yediot Ahronoth newspaper - interview with the director Yael Slor