Orly Ravnian

Director and theater creator, working in Israel and abroad. Graduate of Telma Yalin high school and direction studies in London. One of the founders of the international  WorldWideLab directors’ collective. A member of the Lincoln Center Directors’ Lab, Robert Wilson’s “Watermill” center and La-Mama group in Umbria. In 2016 she founded #posthome_theatre and created her directorial trilogy: A PARTICIPATORY PERSIAN TEA CEREMONY performed at changing locations; and her original stage adaptation of Luigi Pirandello’s THE MAN WITH THE FLOWER IN HIS MOUTH, running with Italian supertitles at Tmuna Theatre. The third part of the #posthome_theatre trilogy – Parrhesia recently premiered at Tmuna Theatre where it is currently running. Last year she curated and directed a cross disciplinary performance bringing together contemporary literature & visual art at Ebraica – International Festival of Hebrew Culture, Rome. Among her directorial works in Israel: “Back to I-srael” by Nava Semel with Itim Ensemble/Cameri Theater ; “Abigail’s Mirror”, a performance piece by Orly Rabinyan at the Alfred Gallery ; “Fleabag” by Phoebe Waller-Bridge - a show in German with Hebrew subtitles at Israel Festival’s Center Stage platform ; “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet” by Nick Payne at the Library Theater ; “A Drop in the Sea”, written and directed by Orly Rabinyan at Tzavta Theater ; “Until 120” - a movement adaptation for 13 actors, adapted and directed by Rabinyan at Yoram Lowenstein’s Acting Studio. Among her recent directorial works abroad: “Interior” by Maurice Maeterlinck, a site-specific piece in Chinese for the 435 art space in Taiwan ; “Onions”, a site-specific piece in Italian for the Calabria shore (the show also played at the Quarticocolo Theater in Rome) ; “Honeypot” by Julia Pascal at the New-Diorama Theater in London ; “A Wedding” by Brecht, a stage adaptation in process presented at the Irondale Theater in Brooklyn, New York. A line about independent creation: Being an independent creator is a huge privilege. The independent space allows an unfiltered freedom of expression, free from irrelevant considerations. It is a space of surprises where exclamations points turn into question marks and pauses are at liberty to echo. לעוד תמונות מהצגות של אורלי לערוץ הוימאו של אורלי
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Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony

An interactive tea ceremony by Orly Rabinian

When was the last time you took part in a tea ceremony? As the daughter of parents who immigrated from Iran, she’d always had hot tea, even during the hottest days of summer. Creator Orly Rabinyan invites you to submit yourselves to a Persian teaceremony. A ceremony that is both genuine and fictional, ancient and contemporary, foreign and familiar.