Dror Liberman and Kazuo Shionoiri (TakeDown Productions)

Dror Liberman and Kazuo Shionoiri (TakeDown Productions) is a team of the two young and emerging choreographers Kazuyo Shionoiri from Japan and Dror Liberman from Israel, who started to explore the international market of contemporary dance and performance in recent years successfully. Their enthusiastic approach towards political issues and complexities as well as their extremely physical based works attract the attention of a wide range of audience. Liberman and Shionoiri are exploring and defining new what it means to work in a public context, out of deep political involvement They are researching the boarders of brutality and violence in front of the public eye. How indifferent can societies be? Is it possible for Individuals to find individuality inside the society? Are there any effective methods of resistance within reach? are they still valuable as we work within the framework of the Performing Arts? Take Down Productions is using these questions as basic research materials in different countries
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