Daphna Silberg

Holds an MFA in Theater Direction (with honors) from Tel Aviv university. Holds a BA (with honors) in film from Tel Aviv university's Screenwriting program.

Among her works: "The Hunted" – Goodman Acting School in the Negev; "Euphoria – The Happiest City on Earth" by Nevo Ziv at Haifa's international Children's Theater Festival; "Baby" by Amanda Whittington at Yoram Lowenstein's Acting School; "A Ticket to the Circus" at Tmuna Theater; "Spermology"at Tmuna Theater; "The Golden Dragon" at the 2014 Acco Fringe Festival; "Scenes from an Execution" (Anna Galactia) by Howard Barker atGoodman Acting School in the Negev; "Tales from the Vienna Woods" by Ödön von Horváth, MFA graduation project at Tel Aviv university; "Who's Life is it Anyway?" by Brian Clark, guest show at Habima Theater; "Wanted: A Mother"at the 2010 Bat Yam International Street Theater Festival; "In the Theater"an adaptation to a short story by Assaf Tzipor at the 13th Short Theater Festival; "Every Artist has a Mother", citation at the 2009 Small Bama Theater Festival.

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