What is independent creation? Since it’s hard to provide a conclusive, generally accepted answer to this question, the following text offers mainly thoughts on the current reality and musings on what it ought to be.

In its technical sense, the term ‘independent creation’ refers to theatrical and performance art pieces conceived outside the theatrical establishment or those produced in collaboration with a production company of sorts, so long as its creators maintain their independent status in so that they hold complete responsibility over their creation, not only in the artistic aspect, but also in the production one. In fact, the independent creators’ working conditions as well as the nature of their work make the production phase an inseparable part of their direction.

In its ideological sense, the term ‘independent creation’ refers to a craft that signifies independent though in its full sense of the word, one that works hand in hand with freedom of creation and production entrepreneurship. Independent creators are free creators: free to choose their material, to cast as they please, and to contemplate the artistic language, uninhibited by considerations such as large theatre halls ratings and without enslaving themselves to the necessity to please audiences and/or artistic directors. Hence, Independent creators not only produce their own creations, and all that entails, but they also artistically direct their own path.

Not all creators choose the independent route as their ideal preference, or even their first preference, in light of all the hardships involved with this form of work. However, even if some creators find themselves almost reluctantly working so, devoid of any other option, many of them decide to stick with it for the long run, because it allows them the freedom to to create what is right for them and the ways in which to create it.

With time, independent creators learn to specialize in things outside the solely artistic realm: producing, fund raising, account management, marketing, branding, etc. Their way of work requires initiative and burdens them with a great deal of responsibility, because they are the ones in charge of the overall management of their work, starting at the preliminary stages and up to its ongoing run. The demand of professionalism from these creators is therefore binding, given that the artistic, production and ethical values also affect the way the entire field of independent creation is perceived.

The independent Creators Organization was founded with the goal of advancing and empowering the works of its individual members; Men and women who each create on their own, and yet aspire to belong to a community that shares its knowledge. The motive behind the founding of the organization was the wish to advance the independent creators’ means of production and to provide a response to various production issues they encounter throughout their work process – all this in a reality in which they have no choice but to each month invest their energy, time and money merely to ensure the survival of their works. Nevertheless, the organization’s long run aspiration is to serve as a home for independent creators, a home that will provide a space for fertile discussion on the artistic identity of Independent creation in Israel, its ideological agenda and the ways in which to advance and nurture it, with the belief that even with limited financial resources, one can create artistically and structurally rich pieces, ones that will offer an alternative to the work produced within the establishment.

Making independent theatre is a great privilege. The independent atmosphere allows pure freedom of expression, free from irrelevant considerations. It is a space of surprise, where exclamation points can be recrafted as question marks, and where pauses may resonate. { Orly Noa Rabinyan }
"Creation is my way of better understanding the world I live in, the spectacles through which I see the world". { Nataly Zukerman }
"I create because our world is imperfect and requires many improvements; That's why we have to recreate and re-invent it every time". { Marina Beltov }
"I create out of great loneliness and a deep need for change. I create out of the need to create a community, out of human curiosity and a dependency on an ever-changing language. I try to create out of love, I persist on mixing it with passion and try to sleep well at night, though that's the hardest thing of all". { Jason Danino Holt }
"The encounter with an audience is a call upon all spectators to break the habit of seeing things as they were told to us and pave the way to independent insights, which have considerable effect in creating social change". { Yael Slor }
"Independent creation can serve a wider basis for experimenting and testing the limits and definitions of the medium in which it operates". { Immanuella Amichai }
"Theatre is my language, my way of expression. I have to create, dream and see the world through the kaleidoscope of art". { Dori Engel }
"As an artist I react to reality, I breathe it, digest it, struggle with it and communicate it to the audience". { Efrat Shteinlauf }
"My theater deals with behaviour. It’s behaved in. behaviour is a combination of many different aspects, it’s accumulated by an entirety of practices. When I construct an action unit in my works, I use every technique I can get my hands on and through it manufacture the action’s impac". { Nava Frenkel }
"I, as creator, try to change the point of view of different situations in life and by doing so reality changes as well. When a work meets its audience something very exciting occurs, that I don’t quite know how to put into words. As if for a brief moment I’m a wizard, but in fact I’m a little girl, play". { Avital Dvori }
“What guides me as an artist is the need for dialogue and family". { Eliran Caspi }
“Independent creation is the only way I want and can create”. { Malka Marin }
“I create because my work can shout what’s important for me to say”. { Yoav Bartel }
“For me, theater is a space where a group of strangers become a small community that comes together to focus on life’s basic elements – existential, emotional, political, systematic, aesthetic – and seize the opportunity to dust the indisputable off of them”. { Ari Teperberg }
“I create because I’m crazy”. { Udi Ben-Saadia }
"יצירה עצמאית היא, מבחינתי, מרחב של אחריות אסתטית ואתית כאחד." { עירא אבנרי }
“Every time an audience encounters my work I search for that someone smiling a little smile”. { Alma Weich-Choshen }
"החיפוש אחר תיאטרון הנולד מתוך התנפצות גופים בהווה שיוצר עולם דימויי פיזי הנשען על מבע חזותי מרתק אותי. המילים מגיעות במקום בו הגוף הבונה מפנה מקום למחשבה המפרקת ולכן אני ממעט להשתמש בהם." { אריאל וולף }
"יצירה עצמאית היא התהליך הכי מאתגר, הכי מתסכל, הכי מעצים, הכי משפיל, הכי מרומם, הכי מבאס, הכי מורכב, הכי מרושש והכי מתגמל (לא בהכרח ב$) שאדם יכול לעשות לעצמו. וזו לכשעצמה ההוכחה שיוצרים עצמאיים אינם יכולים שלא ליצור." { הדר גלרון }
{ ראובן קלינסקי }
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{ פיודור מקרוב }
{ מיקי יונס }
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