EVE Non-Profit Organization was founded in 2014 by a group of artists who decided to set out on a unitedlyindependent path with the intenttoenhance the independent creation scene in Israel, to allow freedom and goals for independent creators and to promote independent Israeli creation both in Israel and worldwide.

EVE is an umbrella organization that provides its members with financial management services, professional counselling, rehearsal space subsidies, insurance and professional seminars. In addition, the organization promotes common interests with the governmental and cultural institutions as well as initiates projects in accordance with the decisions of its members and its leading team. Throughout 2017 the organization will promote two projects that will take place in different locations across the country: independent creation festivals and a ‘debuts in the periphery’ program. EVE is an umbrella organization for independent theater artists seeking financial support from the Ministry of Culture.

The organization aims to expand its activity, to make professional information available for its members, to advise younger artists, make use of its veteran members’ knowledge and experience and to improve the independent artists’ creative space and “living conditions”. Joining the organization requires meeting professional requirements and paying member dues.

An initiative under the same name had been active until 2014 under the wing and management of other non-profit organizations (Dor 2000 and Itim Ensemble). The goal of the organization is broad and it acts toward advancing creation, creating opportunities for independent artists, providing professional consultation, etc. The basis for our approach is that the organization belongs to its members and that they collaboratively pave the way for its modus operandi.

Joining the Organization
Joining the organization requires meeting professional requirements (the organization is not of an artistic nature and aspires to empower a wide range of independent artists, as well as the field itself), paying 1000 Shekels in member dues and using its financial management services with a revenue of no less than 25,000 Shekels. The decision to accept new members under the requirements is the responsibility of the organization’s steering committee.

The Organizations committees:
Board of Directors: Dafna Rubinstein – Chairwoman, Galia Bacharach,

Steering Committee – Composed of organization members: Nataly Zukerman, Yoav Bartel, Nava Frenkel, Eliran Caspi, Haim Abud, Jason Denino Holt, EmanuellaAmichai, Tzvi Sahar, Malka Marin, Yael Slor.

"להיות יוצרת עצמאית זוהי פריבילגיה עצומה. במרחב העצמאי מתאפשר חופש ביטוי מזוקק, ללא שיקולים זרים. זהו מרחב של הפתעה בו סימני קריאה מתעקלים לסימני שאלה ופאוזות רשאיות להדהד". { אורלי רביניאן }
"Creation is my way of better understanding the world I live in, the spectacles through which I see the world". { Nataly Zukerman }
"I create because our world is imperfect and requires many improvements; That's why we have to recreate and re-invent it every time". { Marina Beltov }
"I create out of great loneliness and a deep need for change. I create out of the need to create a community, out of human curiosity and a dependency on an ever-changing language. I try to create out of love, I persist on mixing it with passion and try to sleep well at night, though that's the hardest thing of all". { Jason Danino Holt }
"The encounter with an audience is a call upon all spectators to break the habit of seeing things as they were told to us and pave the way to independent insights, which have considerable effect in creating social change". { Yael Slor }
"Independent creation can serve a wider basis for experimenting and testing the limits and definitions of the medium in which it operates". { Immanuella Amichai }
"Theatre is my language, my way of expression. I have to create, dream and see the world through the kaleidoscope of art". { Dori Engel }
"As an artist I react to reality, I breathe it, digest it, struggle with it and communicate it to the audience". { Efrat Shteinlauf }
"My theater deals with behaviour. It’s behaved in. behaviour is a combination of many different aspects, it’s accumulated by an entirety of practices. When I construct an action unit in my works, I use every technique I can get my hands on and through it manufacture the action’s impac". { Nava Frenkel }
"I, as creator, try to change the point of view of different situations in life and by doing so reality changes as well. When a work meets its audience something very exciting occurs, that I don’t quite know how to put into words. As if for a brief moment I’m a wizard, but in fact I’m a little girl, play". { Avital Dvori }
“What guides me as an artist is the need for dialogue and family". { Eliran Caspi }
“Independent creation is the only way I want and can create”. { Malka Marin }
“I create because my work can shout what’s important for me to say”. { Yoav Bartel }
“For me, theater is a space where a group of strangers become a small community that comes together to focus on life’s basic elements – existential, emotional, political, systematic, aesthetic – and seize the opportunity to dust the indisputable off of them”. { Ari Teperberg }
“I create because I’m crazy”. { Udi Ben-Saadia }
"יצירה עצמאית היא, מבחינתי, מרחב של אחריות אסתטית ואתית כאחד." { עירא אבנרי }
“Every time an audience encounters my work I search for that someone smiling a little smile”. { Alma Weich-Choshen }
"החיפוש אחר תיאטרון הנולד מתוך התנפצות גופים בהווה שיוצר עולם דימויי פיזי הנשען על מבע חזותי מרתק אותי. המילים מגיעות במקום בו הגוף הבונה מפנה מקום למחשבה המפרקת ולכן אני ממעט להשתמש בהם." { אריאל וולף }
"יצירה עצמאית היא התהליך הכי מאתגר, הכי מתסכל, הכי מעצים, הכי משפיל, הכי מרומם, הכי מבאס, הכי מורכב, הכי מרושש והכי מתגמל (לא בהכרח ב$) שאדם יכול לעשות לעצמו. וזו לכשעצמה ההוכחה שיוצרים עצמאיים אינם יכולים שלא ליצור." { הדר גלרון }
{ ראובן קלינסקי }
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{ פיודור מקרוב }
{ מיקי יונס }
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